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Having been part of a small but highly successfully project engineering team who successfully managed the  reconfiguration of  6 x B757-200 and 6 x B767-200 aircraft provide a solid base of experience and expertise in that area of aircraft engineering.


That experience and expertise has been gained through the management of modification and design data supply, parts procurement on a sizable scale and on site negotiation and management of OEM scheduling issues.


2 Years spent within a team managing the configuration process of the 787 from a group of airlines perspective required the establishment  robust processes and procedures to provide a governed approach to the 787 configuration process.


Working closely across that airline group, Boeing and the selected B787 Suppliers, provided the basis for that approach and process led decision making to deliver a class leading cabin environment which maximised differentiation.


Working a number of differing senior positions on the opposite side of the fence to a commercial airline has provided great experiences in the meeting and exceeding of customer requirements and expectations.  It also provides that valuable experience of dealing with projects and programs which have not met customer expectations. This experience has provides the basis for APML’s honest and open approach to communication and reporting, it also provides and great advantage in the assessment OEM, Vendor and Service Provider capabilities and any potential risks arising from their appointment.

Interior Reconfigurations

B787 - The Dreamliner

OEM, Vendors and Service Providers

Capabilities and Experience

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